Netceed Partners with Actelis Networks to Offer Hybrid-Fiber Connectivity Solutions for Traffic & Signaling

Netceed Partners with Actelis Networks to Offer Hybrid-Fiber Connectivity Solutions for Traffic & Signaling

12th Mar 2024

March 12th, 2024 - Netceed, a leading value-added distributor for the telecom, traffic, and digital infrastructure industries has announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with Actelis Networks, Inc., a market leader in cyber-hardened, rapid deployment networking solutions for IoT applications. Through the agreement, Actelis’ cyber and weather hardened hybrid-fiber networking solutions will be promoted and available to thousands of Netceed customers throughout North America.

This new partnership will greatly expand Netceed’s connectivity offering to the intelligent transportation industry, where it currently supplies a wide range of products including traffic signal hardware, enclosures, and cabling products. Now Netceed customers can accelerate their technology upgrade projects by taking advantage of Actelis’ hybrid-fiber solution which expands the reach and boosts the performance of existing wiring in the network, benefitting from its cyber-hardened capabilities. Many intelligent transportation networks consist of a mix of fiber and twisted pair copper wiring and the Actelis solution is the perfect choice to manage those networks by connecting controllers, signals, cameras, and sensors, transmitting critical data to the traffic operations center.

Actelis’ robust product portfolio consists of high-density fiber-optic Gigabit switches for portions of the network where fiber has already been deployed. In locations where fiber has not yet been deployed, Actelis’ hybrid fiber devices are used to save hundreds of thousands of dollars and many months of engineering time by utilizing the existing copper wiring.

“We are very excited to partner with Actelis to add highly flexible and proven connectivity solutions to our portfolio,” said Rob Ricks, Netceed’s Director of Traffic Business Development. “The Actelis product line fills an immediate need for customers looking to instantly and cost-effectively upgrade their intersections.”

Actelis’ management team identified Netceed as the ideal partner to help expand its reach within the intelligent transportation market. With 11 locations in the United States and over 90,000 products in its comprehensive portfolio, Netceed continues to exceed customer expectations by matching them with leading manufacturers across many different verticals, value-added services, and vast expertise.

“We are very impressed by how simple Netceed makes it for customers to quickly procure the solutions they need,” said Tuvia Barlev, Chairman & CEO of Actelis. “They have made a commitment to stocking Actelis products to ensure projects can get done as quickly as possible.”