Mini Duct Hunter Traceable Duct Rodders

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Connecting a signal transmitter to the Duct Hunter™ energizes the unit with a specific frequency. When the energized Duct Hunter™ rod is pushed into pipe, the signal radiates outward to the surface.

A signal receiver detects the frequency applied to the Duct Hunter™ , allowing the pipe to be traced inside walls, floors or underground.

  • Locate Fiber Optic Cables In PVC Pipe Without Tracer Wire
  • Fiber To The Home Applications - Locate Fiber Optic Mini-Duct • Plumbing Applications - Fiberglass Will Not Rust
  • Handle And Lightweight Frame For Easy Transport 
  • 3/16” Rod Has 2.5” Bend Radius - 1/8” Rod Has 1.75” Bend Radius
  • 3/16” Rod End Ferrule - Standard 1/4-20 Thread
  • 1/8” Rod End Ferrule - #10-32 Thread
  • Includes Accessory Kit
  • Dimensions: 17” X 7” X 22”