Duct Hunter Traceable Duct Rodders

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Connecting a signal transmitter to the Duct Hunter™ energizes the unit with a specific frequency. When the energized Duct Hunter™ rod is pushed into underground pipe, the signal radiates outward through the soil to the surface. A signal receiver detects the frequency applied to the Duct Hunter™, allowing the entire buried utility pipe to be traced and marked continuously from above ground by one man without digging.

  • Rod’s ferrule attaches to sonde, roller guide or pulling eye
  • Accessory kit included
  • Bend Radius: 5/16” Rod has 6” Bend; 7/16” Rod has 9” Bend
  • Rigid frame and wheel construction Abrasion resistant high strength polymer jacket Fiberglass strength member 18 AWG (1mm) copper trace wire
  • Trace To Depths Up To 10’
  • Locate Sewer Laterals To Confirm No Cross Bore Has Occurred
  • Locate Ductile Iron, Plastic, Tile Or Concrete Pipe
  • Less Disruption To Roads And Landscapes
  • Minimal Pavement Breakage, Excavation And Restoration

*Marked rodders are marked in 5' increments

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