Harmonic - Oyster Low Power DAA Node

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Oyster offers incredibly low power and integrates a small form factor OLT to replace your amplifiers without having to pull more fiber.

Oyster allows for increased total addressable market for your deployments to Multi Dwelling Units (MDU) and provides a single solution for DAA, FTTH PON and Ethernet.

  • XHaul - Use a single hardened device for PON or Ethernet backhaul at mobile and wireless sites
  • PON options - Add PON and/or Ethernet broadband services with minimal overhead costs
  • Versatile - Deploy with R-PHY and any cOS or remote switch 

More options for every access network

You can install the Oyster Low-Power DAA Node in a street cabinet, a wall or strand mounting thanks to its compact design. Use the Oyster node for R-PHY with remote PHY devices in extended-spectrum DOCSIS (ESD), also called Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD), and full duplex DOCSIS versions.

The Oyster node is fully interoperable so you can choose the most relevant deployment options for your network and business.