Harmonic - FIN - 10Gb SFP+ Based OLT

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  • Compact & Efficient - Use 10Gb XGS/EPON optics to enable 10G PON solutions at a fraction of the cost of fixed-format OLT chassis
  • Standardized & Universal - Integrates into commercially available Ethernet switches or other Ethernet-enabled networking equipment with SFP+ sockets to become apart of any 10Gb PON network
  • Flexible deployment - Leverage Ethernet switch PON extension or co-location, or outside plant PON access bridge connectivity with support for variants of 10G PON and Remote PHY (R-PHY)

The Harmonic cOS Fin-1 is a 10G/10G Optical Line Terminal (OLT) in an SFP+ compliant package supporting XGS-PON or 10G-EPON protocols from a node or switch. 

Driven by Harmonic’s Cloud-Native virtual OLT controller, Fin-1 enables simple plug-and-play 10G PON  apability from a Harmonic node or Ethernet switch by using two available models. The high optical power budget model (PR30) is dedicated for deployment within Ethernet switches in headends, hubs or MDU’s asements. The industrial temperature model (PR10+) is designed for outdoor nodes supporting PR10+ optical power levels. 

With Harmonic’s cOS Cloud-Native PON and DOCSIS solution operators can deliver multigigabit and symmetric operation over mixed HFC and FTTx access networks. Harmonic’s Pebble-1 Remote PHY Device (RPD) coupled with the Fin-1 Remote OLT (R-OLT) provides simultaneous services to subscribers connected to DOCSIS Cable Modems and PON Optical Network Units (ONU). Harmonic’s hardened Ripple-1 strand mount and Shell-1 wall mount nodes provide a perfect home for extending access networks with 10G symmetric PON.